BCM Project comes forward as the market Leader to offer, thanks to its collaborators, Management Consulting and Training in a lot of market fields.

BCM Project specially addresses to entrepreneurs and Managing Directors of commercial and industrial companies of any sector.

Management Control
Business Organization
Business Plan
Financial and Economic Analysis
Logistics and Supply Chain
The experience gained over time has led us to understand that it is certainly important that the company does not subtract resources to the everyday life of its functions and activities.

Order to fulfill this purpose we will not run out in long and only meetings the collaborative activities but to break it in more meetings of short-term training.

The method

The satisfaction of our customers is the best business card.

BCM Project wants to establish with the companies it work for a strong bond, and this in order to emphasize the principle of partnership that underlies the relationship we want to build.
We present some of the case studies in which our success has become a success for our client.

Case Studies